HARVEST welcomes spanish master guitarist Toni Martinez

HARVEST is proud to welcome spanish guitarist Toni Martinez to the family! Toni was born in 1984 on the small spanish island of Mallorca and got into music at a very young age. At age five he started playing the piano. He played his first gigs and concerts at seven. Around ten he started playing the guitar. At 16 he decided he wanted to get more „serious“ – he wanted to become a musician! At 17 Toni finished his medium grade piano studies and started his modern music official studies at the „Barcelona Modern Conservatory of Music“ where he was tested by „Berklee College of Music“ teachers and got a scholarship for Boston. However, he was not able to make a move for various reasons. Nonetheless Toni started gigging hard within the Barcelona rock and blues scene and quickly drew some attention of musicians and music fans.

In 2014 Toni gained a good reputation through Youtube while he was demoing stuff for Prymaxe Vintage Shop and as an endorser for Suhr Guitars, Wampler pedals, Friedman Amps, Lava Cables, Chris Cambell Strings or Gruv Gear. He has done some packages for the famous website Jamtrack Central as well.

Nowadays he splits up his time by doing demos for different companies, teaching music as well as touring with different international artists such as Gloria Gaynor or Marta Sanchez.

Tony Martinez (ri.) jamming with guitar legend Steve Vai

Tony Martinez (ri.) jamming with guitar legend Steve Vai

To learn more about Tony please follow these links:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/toni.martinezalorda

Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/openmind1984

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tony_waka

Instagram: https://instagram.com/tony_waka/


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